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AOC tweeted late last night, “In a time when ~60% of American workers make less than $40,000 a year, billionaires should not exit.” Pardon me, ma’am, but nobody has the right to say someone else should not exist.

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Looking for Equal Equality

AOC recently complained that the stock market is going up too much and employee wages aren’t. She spit out one of her Twitter soundbites, “Inequality in a nutshell.”

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AOC Free Stuff

It’s gotten under OAC’s skin that many people view her policies as giving free stuff to others.  She demanded from her audience that she, “never want[s] to hear the word or the term ‘free stuff’ ever again.”  Okay, young’in (with nod to … Continue reading

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Jason Aton should not bash True Believers

I recently came across Aton’s critique of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, claiming Zuckerberg fails because he’s a true believer.  Not that he fails as a true believer, but that he fails because he’s a true believer.  Now hang on for a … Continue reading

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Poverity and Inequality – Did you get the same raise as me?

The census bureau is reporting that median income across the nation has gone up, but the liberal media always ends the story highlighting that income inequality has increased. Now, really, let’s look at that.

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