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Vocabulary Gymnastics of Reverse Means Testing

It used to be investments and retirement plans were proportional: if you put in more, you get more out. Now, I find a new paradigm edging into traditional programs like Social Security. Nothing is changing about the program except the … Continue reading

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Agile Military Acquisition – 1 week

Many people talk about agile acquisitions of military defense systems, trying to put away bureaucracy that has grown for decades. Elon Musk seems to operate in a different place and think differently.

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Buying or Selling a used Helium Crypto Miner

If you want to buy or sell a used Crypto Miner, there are a few things that you should be aware of!   As a starting point, read the official documentation of the Helium mining network about transferring a miner.

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Exodus v. Atomic crypto conversion fees

Exodus and Atomic are both desktop wallets for a variety of crypto coins. They both do no fiat exchanges, but they do dozens of conversions between crypto types. Exodus appears a lot more expensive even through both claim “no fees”. … Continue reading

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Innovation and Creativity vs. Compliance

September of 2021 President Biden announced that employees of government contractors would be required to be vaccinated. So many compliant, bureaucratically minded companies are falling into line, including airlines, chicken producers, drug manufacturers, etc from nearly every sector of business … Continue reading

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