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Same is Unfair

Giving the same sized government Covid-19 rent reimbursement to Louisville renters and New York renters is “unfair”, so says Kenneth Romero. He claims giving the same amount to everybody is a “cycle of unfairness.”

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Pursuing Stability in American Politics

Fractious parties seem to dominate American politics. I have a recommendation that would fix the problem but it would require a constitutional amendment.

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IRS Form 8965 Anathema and Socialism

Welcome to 2015. The graphic below is an IRS form 8965 “Health Coverage Exemptions”. Aside from the trite question of why we need 8,965 forms to file taxes, this hurts me for deeper reasons.

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Pay back (Repay) salary to DFAS and you lose tax money

As a government civilian employee, if DFAS pays you too much in any given year and then later collects the amount back from you, there can be no way to recover up to $960 income tax you already paid on … Continue reading

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Word Twisting – Words Without Meaning

I’ve noticed word twisting this election season in ways that steal meaning from communication between two people. To a person who values words that have meaning and content rather than emotional effervescence, this trend is offensive.  I wonder if the … Continue reading

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