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Pursuing Stability in American Politics

Fractious parties seem to dominate American politics. I have a recommendation that would fix the problem but it would require a constitutional amendment.

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BaoFeng UV-B5

The BaoFeng UV-B5 is a handheld transceiver that does wide and narrow FM on 136-174 MHz, 400-470 Mhz, and receives commercial FM(65-108 MHz).  Power out is 1 watt or 5 watt output.  A brand new one from eBay set me … Continue reading

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Ballistics of Benjamin HB22 Pellet Pistol

It was a sunny fall day in the south. I decided I would get out the old HB22 Crosman Benjamin pellet pistol and see if I could zero the sights. Actually, I wanted to do more than zero the sights. … Continue reading

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