Rewriting Truth Terrabytes Every Day

Google’s Gemini artificial intelligence (AI) search engine refuses to show Normal Rockwell paintings.

The reason presented by the search engine is because such idealized images of American culture might expose someone to harmful stereotypes of sex, gender and race.  The search engine flat-up refused to generate images of white motorcycle riders.

Gemini also generated search images of female popes.

…and Asian and Black German WWII soldiers.

…and Black and Native Americans as the “founding fathers of America”

This sure seems to be racist cancel culture at work against white non-liberal people. But maybe that’s just my bias, or lack of reparations equity mindset. At least it would have been generous to show the work as art, because other offensive things have been accoladed as works of art.

For me, the problem is this: Google’s search engine is seriously lying and creating a false history.  Even when it gets fixed,  I suspect AI will never be more than the opinions of its authors, whoever they are.  In a generation, truth sources other than computer screens will be deprecated.  We’re in trouble…

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