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A New Deal for Globalization

I came across “A New Deal for Globalization” by Kenneth Scheve and Matthew J. Slaughter (Foreign Affairs, Vol 86, Issue 4, July/August 2007). From the 3rd year of Bush’s presidency, it’s a bit technically dated and ripe with political overtones, … Continue reading

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The Problem with Big Data is that You Can’t Change

Near the end of May 26, 2015, Paul Mampilly wrote an article titled, “How Big Data Will Change Your Everyday Life”, published in the Professional Speculator.  He noted that data can see the future.

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Alternative Facts – Reverse Obligation

Issues and arguments entwined with consistency and facts can be productive. Everybody today is screaming for facts and truth, and accusing each other of alternate facts. If you ask for this from others, then it would be appropriate for you … Continue reading

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Anymore, We Don’t Value Our Citizens First

Anymore, it seems public figures and politicians are tripping over each other to highlight the need to care for illegal immigrants, or refugees of foreign wars, displaced individuals around the globe, or nearly anybody except “Joe Plumber,” citizen of the … Continue reading

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Culture Not Understood by Americans – Ownership, Power, Humanity

I stumbled across the Pineapple Story presentation by Missionary Otto Koning. The fact that he was a missionary is incidental to my observation, which has more to do with the realization that culturally, the tribes he worked with were different.

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