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Loss of Private Goods

I recently had a chance to read Economics: A Very Short Introduction, by Partha Dasgupta, published in 2007. Page 52-54 is a passage teaching the definition of private goods, public non-exclusable goods, and externalities, and then applying these terms as … Continue reading

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Fairness and Equality and the Common Good

What is fair and equal? There are the four choices.  We need to pick one of these.

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Tax Fairness Fuzziness

I read about national tax arguments. Everybody throws around the idea that their tax plan is “fair”, but that really means nothing without defining what “fair” means.  In this post, I’ll outline and discard 2 definitions, and then propose what … Continue reading

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Reservist Military Retirement Division

[Complete text is at a new location: http://www.increa.com/articles/division-military-retirement-dual-coverture] When dividing the marriage asset of military retirement pay due to divorce, the issues are superbly different than any other type of retirement. When dealing with normal civilian retirements, a coverture fraction … Continue reading

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