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Guaranteed Returns: Loans and Zero Coupon Bonds

There are at least two ways to guarantee investment returns.

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Getting Ahead With Debt

Regarding John Norris’ weekend column “Debt isn’t all bad, but not understanding how to use it is,” I think he missed why many people believe debt is bad. He failed to address the real issue.

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Bucket Polls – Betting Against America

Obama leads all the foreign opinion poles of who should be President, by rather large margins. IMHO, this is pretty much prima facia evidence that Obama’s policies are best for everybody else except America. Let me explain.

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Visual Display of Quantitative Financial Information

I stumbled across a financial display at morningstar.com that shows overall mutual fund behavior. It struck me as particularly pleasant and intuitive.  If you visit their page, you can hover your mouse over different squares to get more information.

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Gold and Dow the Same Direction

Anybody wanting to know, could have predicted US stocks were going down this morning even before the market opened, based on overnight behavior. It was fun to watch all the option calls drop into red, and all the option puts … Continue reading

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