Sound-Bites of AOC

AOCs sardonic sound bites are cute for the first 15 minutes and then become offensive when you realize they are divisive with no deeper logic behind the statements. They seem targeted to accumulate her own power and obfuscate or destroy clear conversation. Continue reading

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Same is Unfair

Giving the same sized government Covid-19 rent reimbursement to Louisville renters and New York renters is “unfair”, so says Kenneth Romero. He claims giving the same amount to everybody is a “cycle of unfairness.” Continue reading

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Robert Mackey – don’t lie about Covid-19 death rates

On July 16th, Robert Macky wrote an Intercept article ripping Trump for false reporting about Corona virus deaths. Trump says death rates are going down. Macky says he’s lying to say such a thing. However, Macky ends the article with a demonstration of an ugly bias against Trump. Continue reading

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Pining for Towns Square Debate Outcomes

I don’t have time to check every reference of everyone screaming a claim. I spot check a few, and if they’re cheesy or tangential to the claim or the claim is non sequitur after the reference, I just mark the author as an opinionated person. Not right or wrong, just opinionated. Continue reading

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Cellphone Melee – to your advantage

Cell phone provider promotions change a lot these days, and most companies now offer monthly contracts. Call around and switch as often as you wish to keep your cell phone bill low and service high! Continue reading

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