Sun Tzu’s Numbers for Offensive Strategy

From Chapter III – Offensive Strategy Continue reading

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Time Sequenced Aggregate Data

The following is a slightly redacted excerpt from a research paper I completed early in 2014, introducing some implications of Big Data, or more specifically, Time Sequenced Aggregate Data.  See also my blog posting about smart power meters. Continue reading

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Smart Power Meters Invasion of Privacy

I wrote previously about the invasion of smart electricity meters.  Remember the NSA data collection scandal in 2013?  At the core, this is the same issue, only it’s so much more close to your life. Continue reading

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The American Revolution

I had an opportunity to read Robert J. Allison’s 2011 book “The American Revolution.” There are three passages that made an impression on me. Continue reading

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Russian History is America’s Future

Present day Russia can be seen as the 5th empire to rise from its present geographic location. The second empire (Muskanov 1400-1605) cemented in place modus operandi that continue to this day.  Sadly, in this history, I recognize a lot of where America is going. Continue reading

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