Perpetual Calendar 1805

“The search for a perpetual calendar, like the search for perpetual motion, has occupied countless hours of the curious mind. The effort to compress a long series of calendars into a simplified table has resulted in many interesting devices. Continue reading

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Obamacare is Crashing –or– Let’s Pay More Taxes

Next year, Obamacare is crashing. Pelosi’s famous statement, “We have to get this law passed so we can see what’s in it” was prescient. We’re finding out what’s in it. Remember, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports this statutory mess and wants more of it. Continue reading

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2016 Election Quotes

“Yes, you say it, everybody likes it, nothing gets done, and you pursue a new job. That’s what politicians do.”

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Email Scandal Scandal

So the big Hillary Clinton email scandal tried to suck in Colin Powell. Someone hacked his email and revealed that Colin Powell had bad things to say about both candidates.  But what is the real news?

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Blended Retirement System and Divorce Division

The Federal government has announced a significant overhaul of the military retirement system to make it more like civilian plans with some defined benefit and some defined contribution. It is called the BLENDED RETIREMENT SYSTEM, or BRS.  Division of military retirement upon divorce tends to be a contentious area of law.  I expect each portion of the new retirement will be handled separately in divorce cases.   Continue reading

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