Google Earth Military Utility Remains Limited

People are becoming aware of military or weapon targeting uses for Google Earth and other public data repositories. However, changing concepts of warfare give a different conclusion. Continue reading

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Getting Ahead With Debt

Regarding John Norris’ weekend column “Debt isn’t all bad, but not understanding how to use it is,” I think he missed why many people believe debt is bad. He failed to address the real issue. Continue reading

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2013 National Security Strategy Questions

I’m confused after reading a draft 2013 National Security Strategy that popped up on the Internet.  Continue reading

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Paul Ryan Budget Cuts Military Benefit FIFTY-SIX Percent

The House of Representatives passed a budget with a big hit to military members that I think will not be overlooked.  It is not a 1% decrease but a 50-55% decrease! Continue reading

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Culture Not Understood by Americans – Ownership, Power, Humanity

I stumbled across the Pineapple Story presentation by Missionary Otto Koning. The fact that he was a missionary is incidental to my observation, which has more to do with the realization that culturally, the tribes he worked with were different. Continue reading

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