Financial War. Now Legal War.

I’ve been reading a book by James Rickards. He makes a case that kinetic wars are a thing of the past. He highlights that nation states will contest to damage each other in the future with financial weapons.  Today, an email arrived from a friend, highlighting an additional perspective: Legal Wars are also viable because of weaknesses we inflict on ourself.  Most of the words below are his. Continue reading

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Inversions to Avoid Taxes are Patriotic

Companies are moving overseas to avoid taxes in America.  What about this move is disagreeable in a free market economy like America?  Why does Obama call this “unpatriotic”?  If you avoid taxes by putting money into an IRA, are you “unpatriotic”?

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Drive Appears Unformatted Only When on External USB Cable

Strange happenings in the computer lab. It appears my external USB cable makes hard drives appear unformatted even though they work fine when installed internally. Continue reading

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Getting Mugged is Your Fault – No Right to Favor Americans

A Georgetown University student wrote an article in the school paper defending the teenagers who mugged him at gunpoint. This guy represents many others also growing up who will later represent our nation in Foreign Service. We’ve reached a point where our international policy is to apologize to everyone. Continue reading

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Anymore, We Don’t Value Our Citizens First

Anymore, it seems public figures and politicians are tripping over each other to highlight the need to care for illegal immigrants, or refugees of foreign wars, displaced individuals around the globe, or nearly anybody except “Joe Plumber,” citizen of the U.S.A. Continue reading

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