The Westell 7500 Doesn’t Forward Email Ports

I want my Mac to receive encrypted email via POP3 on port 995, and I want to send encrypted email using SMTP on port 465 and 587 (two different ISP providers). The Westell 7500 DSL modem fails to perform the port triggered forwarding required to allow this. Continue reading

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Comparing Mutual Funds

I hear from multiple sources that to compare mutual funds, it is advantageous to compare returns and select funds with low expense ratios. This is false. Continue reading

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Corporate Taxes

There seems to be increasing distaste toward U.S. corporations keeping money overseas and therefore not paying taxes on it. Reporting seems to be particularly biased. Continue reading

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BaoFeng UV-B5

The BaoFeng UV-B5 is a handheld transceiver that does wide and narrow FM on 136-174 MHz, 400-470 Mhz, and receives commercial FM(65-108 MHz).  Power out is 1 watt or 5 watt output.  A brand new one from eBay set me back $28. Not a bad deal. Here are some operating notes. Continue reading

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Meal Reimbursement for Military Reservist Annual Tour TDY

After 2 years of appeals, the DOHA Claims Appeal Board denied my request for reconsideration of a travel expense while doing duty as a military Reservist. Continue reading

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