Exodus v. Atomic crypto conversion fees

Exodus and Atomic are both desktop wallets for a variety of crypto coins. They both do no fiat exchanges, but they do dozens of conversions between crypto types. Exodus appears a lot more expensive even through both claim “no fees”. In fact, they both charge price spreads on the crypto prices, which sort of hides the costs unless you do some fancy math. Continue reading

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Innovation and Creativity vs. Compliance

September of 2021 President Biden announced that employees of government contractors would be required to be vaccinated. So many compliant, bureaucratically minded companies are falling into line, including airlines, chicken producers, drug manufacturers, etc from nearly every sector of business since the government contracts nearly every sector of business.

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Pay Your Own Way based on Choice

Jonathon Meer believes in individual risk and reward. Specifically, if you don’t get injected with a biological agent Covid immunization, then you should pay your own hospital bills. Continue reading

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Biden actions to build Black wealth – appraisal confusion

Biden’s new plan is to, “take on discrimination in home appraisals” and “address inequality in home appraisals”. What? How can you mandate what an appraised value will be? Appraisers don’t set prices, they simply report them. Continue reading

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Senses Taker – Big Government Data

I’m the official Senses Taker, and I must have some information before I can take your senses. Continue reading

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