ATSPACE seems incapable of using SPF properly

ATSPACE tightened up their SMTP mail servers so hosted domains won’t be used for SPAM. Great. I’m a customer. Please tell me first. Continue reading

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Bureaucratic Truth is Expensive

Being the bearer of truth hurts and takes a lot of time. Consider seriously what you are getting into when you eat from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Continue reading

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Authoring Virtualized Webpages

Web hosts like Wix and Squarespace bundle web hosting with web authoring. There is a movement afoot of socialized data ownership, considering product lifetime, maintainability, freedom, data rights, and subscription models of payment.

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Optimizing Monero Mining with a Slow Laptop

I blogged recently about how to set up a Monero crypto-currency mining operation earning a whopping 2 cents per day.  I’ve figured how to double that to 4 cents per day!  If you’d like to estimate profits from mining, see Continue reading

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Quick Setup to Mine Monero Cryptocurrency

You too can mine crypto currency!
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