Blended Retirement System and Divorce Division

The Federal government has announced a significant overhaul of the military retirement system to make it more like civilian plans with some defined benefit and some defined contribution. It is called the BLENDED RETIREMENT SYSTEM, or BRS.  Division of military retirement upon divorce tends to be a contentious area of law.  I expect each portion of the new retirement will be handled separately in divorce cases.   Continue reading

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Trump Doesn’t Pay His Bills ?

The title says, “USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills“.  Continue reading

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Linux Mint Hack Highlights Risk Balance

Following the Linux Mint hacking scandal? Both sides have a point. The answer is not absolute. Continue reading

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Winning and Losing the Non-Election

Well, Donald Trump got spanked over the weekend when a lot of presidential voting delegates who do not like him were put into position. Regardless of what the various state citizens value or who they would vote for in a primary, delegates were installed by party insiders to vote against Trump on a second round Republican convention vote. Continue reading

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Too Much Against Trump Makes Me Like Him

The 4-person Republican debate last night made me want to vote for Trump. Never have I seen… Continue reading

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