Trouble Today or Tomorrow

Thomas Paine wrote on December 23, 1776 in his first edition of “The Crisis”: Continue reading

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Pay back (Repay) salary to DFAS and you lose tax money

As a government civilian employee, if DFAS pays you too much in any given year and then later collects the amount back from you, there can be no way to recover up to $960 income tax you already paid on the amount. Continue reading

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Sun Tzu’s Numbers for Offensive Strategy

From Chapter III – Offensive Strategy Continue reading

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Time Sequenced Aggregate Data

The following is a slightly redacted excerpt from a research paper I completed early in 2014, introducing some implications of Big Data, or more specifically, Time Sequenced Aggregate Data.  See also my blog posting about smart power meters. Continue reading

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Smart Power Meters Invasion of Privacy

I wrote previously about the invasion of smart electricity meters.  Remember the NSA data collection scandal in 2013?  At the core, this is the same issue, only it’s so much more close to your life. Continue reading

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