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United States forces required over there ?

So Trump is pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan. Most of the reporting says this is bad because US forces are necessary to stabilize the area. There’s a problem with this.

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American Exceptionalism

Jake Sullivan overlooked a few things when he wrote “What Donald Trump and Dick Cheney got Wrong About America” about American Exceptionalism for the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of The Atlantic.

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Google Chooses Employee Morals Over Money

Google employees refused to work on military projects, so the company walked away from a $10B military contract.

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Gmail requires SPF record

When I send emails from my domain to multiple gmail address and others, all the others get delivered. After three days, my host server sends me an email saying all gmail addresses were rejected.

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ATSPACE seems incapable of using SPF properly

ATSPACE tightened up their SMTP mail servers so hosted domains won’t be used for SPAM. Great. I’m a customer. Please tell me first.

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