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Getting Ahead With Debt

Regarding John Norris’ weekend column “Debt isn’t all bad, but not understanding how to use it is,” I think he missed why many people believe debt is bad. He failed to address the real issue.

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Penny Auctions on Craigslist

About a week ago, a number of iMac desktops appeared on Craigslist.com, ranging in price from $270-$320 (that’s about 20% of retail).  I would like to own one at that price, so I sent off about 5 emails to advertisers … Continue reading

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How To Win Internet Penny Auctions

A useful way of bidding in these auctions it to think of the auction price as number of bids rather than price. For example, a price of $20.49 represents 2,049 bids.

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Penny Auction Finances

People with smiling faces attest to winning $600 iPad or other prizes for prices such as $39.40 or $54.32, or other such steep discounts.  Sounds good enough to get my attention, so I signed up and spent a few nights … Continue reading

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