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Deleting Hard Drive Data (Files)

Previously, I wrote about how to permanently delete magnetic data. Nobody uses removable magnetic media anymore, so I thought it’s time to outline the same procedure using internal or USB drives.

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Surveillance Keeps Power in Power

You are monitored everywhere – license plates on passing cars, cameras on roads, shopping malls, gas stations, airports. It has begun to bother me, yet my friends advise “If you’re not doing anything wrong, why do you care if you … Continue reading

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Smart Power Meters Invasion of Privacy

I wrote previously about the invasion of smart electricity meters.  Remember the NSA data collection scandal in 2013?  At the core, this is the same issue, only it’s so much more close to your life.

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Imagine Technology Supporting People

The obvious alternative is people supporting Technology, and that seems to be the chronic bad choice. In business, we name and staff the “Computer Support Division” while we neglect to name and purchase the devices our staff actually needs.  Or maybe they really don’t … Continue reading

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Google and Security of Nation States

Google’s Eric Schmidt spoke at the 9th annual All Things Digital Conference, in an interview with Walt Mossberg, as reported on Page R6 in the June 6, 2011 Wall Street Journal.

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