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Trump is Wrong about Apple

I may want to help. It may be good to help. But I don’t want to be forced to help.

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Pursuing Stability in American Politics

Fractious parties seem to dominate American politics. I have a recommendation that would fix the problem but it would require a constitutional amendment.

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Southern California Edison Extortion

Southern California Edison electric company wants me to pay a $75 setup fee and $10 per month in order to NOT install new equipment. Can you imagine if the termite man was authorized to bill you to NOT come do exterminations?  How … Continue reading

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Can Excel 2007 Open an Open Office .ods File ?

DON’T DO IT! Some topics just deserve more coverage. This made me hopping mad today. Microsoft Excel 2007 will peacefully and silently open and edit an Open Office .ods spreadsheet. Saves without making a single complaint. Problem: All the formulas … Continue reading

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Localization is Better than Globalization – Part 2

I previously wrote Part 1, which questions assumptions that everything is better when globalized. California is now taxing internet companies that have no physical presence in-state, and use no state services.  Their stated intent (a.k.a. spin) is that in order … Continue reading

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