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Trump’s Tweets – Relax Already

Trump surely shoots out more tweets than other politicians. Pretty soon others will understand and will catch up.

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Rules Don’t Apply If We Say So

I’ve been intrigued by Palmier’s (Clinton’s communication director) attempt to justify her bad behavior. The pivotal sentence in a CBS report is “Palmieri explained that while she knew you had to be gracious at this post-election forum, “I decided this … Continue reading

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Only Idealogical Heirarchy Divides Presidential Opinions

Maybe disagreements in this Presidential election are an issue of hierarchy. Which issue is the higher order sort that should be paid attention to?

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Perpetual Calendar 1805

“The search for a perpetual calendar, like the search for perpetual motion, has occupied countless hours of the curious mind. The effort to compress a long series of calendars into a simplified table has resulted in many interesting devices.

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Obamacare is Crashing –or– Let’s Pay More Taxes

Next year, Obamacare is crashing. Pelosi’s famous statement, “We have to get this law passed so we can see what’s in it” was prescient. We’re finding out what’s in it. Remember, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports this statutory mess and … Continue reading

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