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Culture Not Understood by Americans – Ownership, Power, Humanity

I stumbled across the Pineapple Story presentation by Missionary Otto Koning. The fact that he was a missionary is incidental to my observation, which has more to do with the realization that culturally, the tribes he worked with were different.

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Imagine Technology Supporting People

The obvious alternative is people supporting Technology, and that seems to be the chronic bad choice. In business, we name and staff the “Computer Support Division” while we neglect to name and purchase the devices our staff actually needs.  Or maybe they really don’t … Continue reading

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Transnational Good and Bad

During the last 10 years, United States National Security has become centered around terrorism. The United States has campaigned a “war on terrorism”.  The interesting thing is there is no specific bad-guy nation with geographic borders called “terrorism”. Because of … Continue reading

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