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Culture Not Understood by Americans – Ownership, Power, Humanity

I stumbled across the Pineapple Story presentation by Missionary Otto Koning. The fact that he was a missionary is incidental to my observation, which has more to do with the realization that culturally, the tribes he worked with were different.

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Paying for Uninsured Health Care Costs

Here is the answer Ron Paul should have given 2 nights ago at the Republican debate, when asked about the hypothetical well-to-do 30-year old person who chooses to be uninsured, and then develops a chronic illness and needs care.

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Pressure to Live in the Norm

I recently read a book that critiques “big corporatocracies destroying the little people”.  However, I’m left wondering if “big government to control them” is any better. Mortgage defaults these days are horendous.  Everybody over-bought what they should have. But defaulting wrecks your … Continue reading

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