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Puppy Linux “sfs not found” hard fix

Puppy linux has a recurring problem about not finding the sfs file during the boot process. Have you also seen the error “sfs not found. Dropping out to initial ramdisk console….” ? Here’s an out-of-band hard-fix to that problem.

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Bootstrap Tomsrtbt Linux with Netcat

In order to rebuild a bootable hard drive on an older computer, I was able to use the Tomsrtbt Linux v2.0.103. However, the 3.5″ floppy disk from 12 years ago was exhibiting read problems on some of the sectors (hex … Continue reading

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Bash && (and ||)

I was talking with someone about the && operator in bash. He said it was a way to append two statements onto one line. I tried to explain that it was much more than that and only exhibited that behavior … Continue reading

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Google Chooses Employee Morals Over Money

Google employees refused to work on military projects, so the company walked away from a $10B military contract.

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Gmail requires SPF record

When I send emails from my domain to multiple gmail address and others, all the others get delivered. After three days, my host server sends me an email saying all gmail addresses were rejected.

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