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Subscription Services for Everything

I read the June 2017 Nuts & Volts editorial where Bryan Bergeron explains in the Developing Perspectives column why he has avoided upgrading his computer for 8 years. I surely agree with his observations and have accumulated even more evidence … Continue reading

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Linux Mint Hack Highlights Risk Balance

Following the Linux Mint hacking scandal? Both sides have a point. The answer is not absolute.

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Trump is Wrong about Apple

I may want to help. It may be good to help. But I don’t want to be forced to help.

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Deleting Hard Drive Data (Files)

Previously, I wrote about how to permanently delete magnetic data. Nobody uses removable magnetic media anymore, so I thought it’s time to outline the same procedure using internal or USB drives.

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Windows 10 Licenses Your Hardware

I’ve been running Windows XP, Mac OSX, and Linux. I am trying Windows 10 without upgrading from anything and it appears to be free without activation for some period of time. Skip all the upgrade chatter. Instead, I downloaded a … Continue reading

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