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Agile Military Acquisition – 1 week

Many people talk about agile acquisitions of military defense systems, trying to put away bureaucracy that has grown for decades. Elon Musk seems to operate in a different place and think differently.

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Exodus v. Atomic crypto conversion fees

Exodus and Atomic are both desktop wallets for a variety of crypto coins. They both do no fiat exchanges, but they do dozens of conversions between crypto types. Exodus appears a lot more expensive even through both claim “no fees”. … Continue reading

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Proof of Work vs. Proof of Stake

Crypto currencies are “mined” by people with computer power to spare. That game is changing.

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Bitcoin Change Game, not End Game

My prior post basically talked of reduced supply and deflationary pressures. Yes, we can chop up bitcoin and give the pieces new names. IMHO, that’s a word game. Nonetheless, it does highlight some innate character of cryptocurriences. I don’t think … Continue reading

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Finding text in Windows files – and finding not text

I wanted to sanitize some computers (a.k.a remove all personal information) before sending them to their next home. I did ~not~ want to do a fresh install of an OS. Some the programs on the computer are very useful and … Continue reading

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