Bash && (and ||)

I was talking with someone about the && operator in bash. He said it was a way to append two statements onto one line. I tried to explain that it was much more than that and only exhibited that behavior ~sometimes~. Continue reading

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A Network ID can’t be used as a Host IP

Any IP address that identifies a subnetwork (such as cannot be used as a host IP address. For years, I assumed it was some network convention that everybody agreed on. It’s more than that. It’s a physical impossibility. Continue reading

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United States forces required over there ?

So Trump is pulling out of Syria and Afghanistan. Most of the reporting says this is bad because US forces are necessary to stabilize the area. There’s a problem with this.

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American Exceptionalism

Jake Sullivan overlooked a few things when he wrote “What Donald Trump and Dick Cheney got Wrong About America” about American Exceptionalism for the Jan/Feb 2019 issue of The Atlantic. Continue reading

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Google Chooses Employee Morals Over Money

Google employees refused to work on military projects, so the company walked away from a $10B military contract. Continue reading

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