Trump is Wrong about Apple

I may want to help. It may be good to help. But I don’t want to be forced to help.

In the case of Apple v. FBI, the business efficiency favored by Donald Trump is not agreeable to me. As Hamilton and Adams voiced in the late 18th century, a monarch is more efficient than a Republic. But the inefficiencies of a Republic became the favored form of government in this nation. If he is ultimately elected president, Trump will have to get used to inefficiencies.

So should the FBI. Fishing expeditions into an individual’s communications is exactly what the Constitution meant to prevent. Now, if there was a suspicion that something specific might be found, a warrant might be okay. But not a fishing expedition.

The San Bernadino terrorists already destroyed both of their cell phones and disposed of their computer hard drives before setting about to create terror. You really think they carelessly used their government cell phone to leave clues? Fat chance.

Besides this is nothing about convicting them. They’re guilty. They’re dead. This is about the FBI thinking they can find information to maybe discover cooperative partners and stop future bad acts by unknown actors.  Do we want a nation where you can force 3rd parties to damage privacy rights of many because you maybe will find out something about unknown persons maybe doing something illegal in the future?  I don’t think there are many requests that would ~not~ fit this description, resulting in a situation where the government always gets whatever they want.  Hmm…

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