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Bucket Polls – Betting Against America

Obama leads all the foreign opinion poles of who should be President, by rather large margins. IMHO, this is pretty much prima facia evidence that Obama’s policies are best for everybody else except America. Let me explain.

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Obamacare Health Care Act – Reading Material

Grace-Marie Turner wrote an article about the Obamacare health care act. She’s the president of Galen Institute, a think tank promoting patient-centered health care. Here are the references in her article.

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You Didn’t Build That

It took less than 24 hours for the Internet to come alive after Obama’s recent comment praising government and putting down accomplishments of entrepreneurs. Do a Google search using the title of this post if you don’t know what I’m … Continue reading

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Southern California Edison Extortion

Southern California Edison electric company wants me to pay a $75 setup fee and $10 per month in order to NOT install new equipment. Can you imagine if the termite man was authorized to bill you to NOT come do exterminations?  How … Continue reading

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Tax Fairness Fuzziness

I read about national tax arguments. Everybody throws around the idea that their tax plan is “fair”, but that really means nothing without defining what “fair” means.  In this post, I’ll outline and discard 2 definitions, and then propose what … Continue reading

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