Obamacare Health Care Act – Reading Material

Grace-Marie Turner wrote an article about the Obamacare health care act. She’s the president of Galen Institute, a think tank promoting patient-centered health care. Here are the references in her article.

  • nytimes.com – Discussing mandates
  • cbo.gov – Budget numbers. Lots of on-budget savings. Lots of off budget discretionary increases. Lots of tax increases. This moves money from one pot to another.
  • cato.org – Bad news about auto-laws created by unelected officials, requiring simultaneous veto of the House, the Senate, and the president to stop.
  • galen.org – What’s wrong with Insurance Exchanges.
  • cms.gov – Another look at the budget numbers.
  • ucsb.edu – “We’ll start by lowering premiums by as much as $2,500 per family”
  • freedomkeys.com – Physicians will just quit and do something else.  Remember, your Federal government gives money to one person only by taking it from another.
  • amazonaws.com – More than 150 new boards, agencies, and programs.


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