Trump 4 Years From Now – Hurts Who?

Trump will probably run out the important legal cases.  Chances are that it won’t change the situation this year.  But I realized one thing that would really change the situation.  Maybe even more of an influence than 4 more years of Presidential battle with the new media.

He should hold a news conference and announce that 1) in 2020 he’ll run out the legal process until the GAO certifies the election results. No flight.  No angst. Just calmly run out the legal process, and 2) if/when Biden is certified as the president elect, immediately announce his campaign for the 2024 election. Do you realize what that would do?!

That would put Biden in a very strange position – of course, he’ll wear out and has already said he’s not running for a second term. That creates 4 years of boring presidential news conferences. Which would be over-cast by a 4-year news cycle of Kamala Harris vs. Donald Trump presidential race.  The progressives would LOVE such a debate because they really think they can take the nation.  Biden and Harris will be tied up governing a nation, while Trump will be a private citizen, free from all governing restrictions.  What news outlet could choose to ~not~ cover Harris v. Trump and live through the dive in TV ratings?

Wow. That could be interesting. Trump would ~still~ dominate the news while simultaneously highlighting for the nation the adversary he wanted – socialists progressives.  One suspects he would annihilate Harris’ policy proposals if he could hold the conversation there.  Biden already showed that a 4-year older person (78 swearing into office vs 74 swearing into office) can compete, and in 2024, that would be Trump.

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