Sound-Bites of AOC

AOCs sardonic sound bites are cute for the first 15 minutes and then become offensive when you realize they are divisive with no deeper logic behind the statements. They seem targeted to accumulate her own power and obfuscate or destroy clear conversation.

Her tweet says, “Billionaires need the working class. The working class does not need billionaires.”

My thoughts:

  • Good Lord woman, why do you hate people with money so much? If someone earns or stewards tons of money, whether or not they’re needed by you is irrelevant. You need working class as pawns to promote your agendas. Do you believe people are legitimate only if you need them? You are part of a democratic experiment nation where all citizens are given opportunity to become whatever they want. It’s not about your need, it’s about your freedom to answer your need by your own industry.
  • Not to be syntactically trite, but the working class self-defines someone who needs a job to work. Employers hire workers. Maybe you’re okay with employers worth some lesser amount, maybe a million, but not a billion. Your franchise is easily worth $1M, so that must be an acceptable level for you. Now, consider if the person worth a billion dollars employs 1000x as many workers, giving them jobs to feed their family? The billionaire provides 1000x the opportunity, so it seems 1000x the compensation is fair. What gives you the right to set some moral limits to how many people can be helped?

Let’s do a mental experiment. Move all the left-ists who want to give away benefits like a socialist to half the country. All the right-ists to the other half the country. Which half is self-sustaining? Which half needs the other?

Liberal tax advocates need tax payers. Tax payers do not need liberals.

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