Too Much Against Trump Makes Me Like Him

The 4-person Republican debate last night made me want to vote for Trump. Never have I seen…

Regarding the release of off the record discussion, Trump should have returned the question to Megyn and asked if he should disrespect and blow off one of the most powerful tools a journalist has. If this is the expected treatment of a person speaking off the record, do you think anybody will do so in the future? It’s almost as bad as asking a client to break protected communication with a doctor or lawyer. “Prove you don’t have heart disease! Release all your medical records!”

Rubio attacked Trump saying, “With only 33% of the vote, 2/3 of the population disagrees with you and is voting against you.” Trump should have simply said, “Marco, dear boy, using that logic, 4/5 of the population disagrees with you.”

Regarding the tuition class action law suit, they want to interrogate Trump and make a moral judgment. Are you kidding? It is an active and pending legal case. That’s what the courts are for. No attorney would want their client babbling on about a pending case. Demanding a client to do so is designed only to hurt the client and may damage both sides because the entire case will be invalidated.

We now have nearly a dozen public servant Replublicans signed up with the “never Trump” crowd. These are same people that wanted to bind up Trump and make him sign an “allegience pledge” to the Republican nominee. Now, with the tables turned, they are being hypocritical and illogical. Stripped naked of their pretense, they are at least as bad as the accusations they make.

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