Rules Don’t Apply If We Say So

I’ve been intrigued by Palmier’s (Clinton’s communication director) attempt to justify her bad behavior. The pivotal sentence in a CBS report is “Palmieri explained that while she knew you had to be gracious at this post-election forum, “I decided this was a year where normal rules don’t apply, [so my behavior is justified.]”

The quoted sentence is pivotal because it highlights a view of the world I can’t agree with. In particular, that their view pre-empts any objective third party rule set. They do not compete as intellectual equals, but rather see themselves as overseers of what is more right, so they get to mandate when the rules apply and when they don’t. Hence the entire paradigm of protest outside the system rather than winning in the system.

Why is it only when they loose that they decide normal rules of civility don’t apply? Who appointed them as the umpire of normal rules? Witness the same attitude in the minions that follow the leaders, wreaking havoc in city riots across the nation.

In the primaries, the media and the left ridiculed Trump that the delegate counting was working against him and he was too naive to understand how it worked. He watched what democratic super-delegates did to Bernie. So he learned. And pretty soon had a silent powerful targeted ground game in place that used every last vote to accomplish “barely” wins in each important state.

He was told the rule set for the states: “winner takes all” and won by following that rule set. Basically, he bested the liberals at their own game and that so angered liberals that the only emotional escape is to claim that this year is “so not normal that liberals don’t need to follow the rules any more.” Hence, Palmieri’s behavior. Hence the push for the electoral college to go rogue. ..because they don’t believe the rules should apply when they don’t want the rules to apply.

The hypocrisy I see:

  1. Claim Trump speaks violently or threatens violence while the actual violence comes from liberal losers.
  2. Claim Trump is shallow and naive for not understanding electoral votes, and when he uses it to win, claim that normal rules shouldn’t apply any more.

I expect that eventually, Palmieri and others of similar mindset will change tactics to win, or will be relegated to the dustbin of history. Post-hoc pouting about not wanting the rules will wither to nothingness.

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