If You Don’t Like Inflation, Calculate it Differently

A bit ago, I wrote a blog entry titled “If it’s not worth your time, change what you do“.  Such is the situation for individuals in the Nation.  Not so for our Nation’s government.  They apparently have the power to redefine whatever they want.

As the government wrangles over how to reign in the insane national deficit, so that it stops adding so much to our national debt, they just aren’t able to agree on changes to make it happen.  That irritating effect of compound interest and inflations makes every plan fail in a few years.  So.. I guess.. we’ll change the definition of inflation!

Wall Street Journal, Wednesday 22, 2011, page A4, “One idea under consideration is to change the way inflation is measured..”  The idea is they tweak the definition so that inflation indexed benefits go down while they can say they didn’t cut the benefits.  What smoke and mirror childishness.  It’s like your child negotiating that his room is clean by raising the number of shirts and socks he can leave strewn all over.  What a joke.  Does it need to be pointed out that how they define it has nothing to do with what it feels like to experience it? 

It appears they simply have no spine to stand up and say, “Enough! We have to stop spending money!”  — or (sadly), the constituents are too naive so as to simply vote a person out of office unless they contort some way to keep the government free trough in place.

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