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Obamacare Health Care Act – Reading Material

Grace-Marie Turner wrote an article about the Obamacare health care act. She’s the president of Galen Institute, a think tank promoting patient-centered health care. Here are the references in her article.

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Why Are You Trying to Take Away My Insurance?

Emily Schlichting wrote an impassioned and lucid article asking to keep her government mandated or employer provided health care, which is paying for expensive chronic care for her rather rare medical issue. She expresses the value of being added onto … Continue reading

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Tax Fairness Fuzziness

I read about national tax arguments. Everybody throws around the idea that their tax plan is “fair”, but that really means nothing without defining what “fair” means.  In this post, I’ll outline and discard 2 definitions, and then propose what … Continue reading

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Inconsistent Health Care Socialism

An article in the Money section of US Today titled “Cosmetic surgery gets cheaper, faster, scarier” seems relevant to drive home a few points. Basically, cosmetic surgery can go bad. When it does, the medical bills rise quickly, and most … Continue reading

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