Non-fungible Tokens (NFT)

The concept of cryptocurrency assumes the blockchain assets (such as a Bitcoin) is “fungible” – each coin is indistinguishable from others. There are some new concepts that challenge the underlying fungible assumption – like the government impounding bitcoins (and tracking them to new owners), or Federal regulations making “IRA Bitcoin deposits” different, or even individuals creating “lost my password” type coins. In all cases, ~these~ coins are different. This fissure threatens an assumption of crypto currency. Continue reading

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Marriott Sucks – Same Day Reservation Identity Theft

I’ve been a loyal Marriott hotel client for years. But this time, a Fairfield by Marriott in North Carolina deserves this posting title.

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Bitcoin Change Game, not End Game

My prior post basically talked of reduced supply and deflationary pressures. Yes, we can chop up bitcoin and give the pieces new names. IMHO, that’s a word game. Nonetheless, it does highlight some innate character of cryptocurriences. I don’t think any force will stop cyrptocurrencies. I think realities of how they operate will slowly change them to become something other than what they started out as. Continue reading

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1.9 Million Million Spending Bill

I heard a news anchor stumble over the fact that the 1.9T Democratic spending bill includes almost 2000 Billion. So let’s be clear. 1.9 Trillion is 1,900 Billion, or 1,900,000 Million dollars. That’s $1.9 Million Million.

Pelosi and Schumer puff their chest valiantly by giving up $151 Million to build New York bridges and California construction projects (which, of course, have nothing to do with Covid relief!). Let’s put that into perspective. $151 Million is 0.008% of 1.9 Trillion. What an arrogant (or idiotic) side show to even speak of such a small change!

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Equality vs. Equity

The new political word on the street is “equity”. What does this mean and why is it getting so much attention now? Continue reading

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