Maybe Trump is Causing Certainty, not Chaos

Ben Casselman wrote, “Why is Trump Causing Chaos In Washington But Not In The Stock Market?”  This exhibits offensive bias, showing no ability to understand that another view even exists. Continue reading

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Subscription Services for Everything

I read the June 2017 Nuts & Volts editorial where Bryan Bergeron explains in the Developing Perspectives column why he has avoided upgrading his computer for 8 years. I surely agree with his observations and have accumulated even more evidence of what he predicts will happen. BTW, Bryan, you’re doing a great job with the spirit and look of Jack, Larry, and Robin’s magazine. May it continue for many years! Continue reading

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Alternative Facts – Reverse Obligation

Issues and arguments entwined with consistency and facts can be productive. Everybody today is screaming for facts and truth, and accusing each other of alternate facts. If you ask for this from others, then it would be appropriate for you to exhibit what you ask for. Continue reading

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The Endgame of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is becoming a popular investment and a popular currency. I would have enjoyed buying at $980 a few days ago and selling today at $1014. But I still shy away because I don’t see a healthy endgame. Continue reading

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Left Leaning Media: Get Off Your High Horse

Over the weekend, Dan Rather stood up for journalistic integrity, demanding that what Trump says must be called a “lie”. This, after the WSJ Editor-in-Chief Gerard Baker said (paraphrasing), “Let’s distinguish between false facts and calling someone a liar; one is journalism and one implies knowledge of moral intent.” Push back from Rather supporters, “We know Trump’s bad moral intent because we’ve proven him false and Trump hasn’t listed to us.”
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