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She Tweeted today, “Imagine being a policymaker in Washington, having witnessed the massive economic, social, and health destruction over the last year, and think that the greatest policy risk we face is providing *too much* relief. Sounds silly, right? $1.9T should be a floor, not a ceiling.”

Another example that liberals prefer policies that fix something NOW (with little regard to causality or impact), and conservatives prefer policies based on the future the policy causes.

She Tweeted today, “If conservative Senate Dems institute a lower income threshold in the next round of checks, that could potentially mean the first round of checks under Trump help more people than the first round under Biden.”

First, is national policy a PR competition? — stop the foolish political comparisons! The conservative Senate Dems seem to want to preserve benefit for the lower income folks. Why do you want to waste pork on richer folks that don’t need assistance?

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