Marriott Sucks – Same Day Reservation Identity Theft

I’ve been a loyal Marriott hotel client for years. But this time, a Fairfield by Marriott in North Carolina deserves this posting title.

About no-show fees… To avoid charge of a day on your credit card, you need to cancel by 11:59 the day prior. That’s their written policy.  Okay.

What if you call at 7:25 am the morning of the reservation and then things change and you cancel 2 hours and 20 minutes later? Answer: they charge you a no-show fee since you didn’t cancel the day prior – before the reservation existed.  Hypothetically, what if you make a reservation and cancel 5 minutes later?  They charge a no-show fee.

What if you have no memory or record of making the reservation and cancellation?  The reservation had only a name and credit card number (no points number, address, phone, etc)?  Your travel agent has no record of the reservation, and even the hotel has no confirmation number of the reservation or the cancel. Answer stays the same – they charge a no-show fee.

Something is wrong here! Sounds more like fraudulent identity and credit card theft. They say (Marriott could not point me toward any written policy) that the no-show policy for same-day reservations is that you’re not allowed to cancel it. Yes.. well, what if the hotel General Manager of the hotel says she found a record of a reservation at 7:25am and a cancellation at 9:45am.  Answer?  They charge a n-show fee.

Since I have no record of the reservation or the cancellation, can I get a billing statement with that charge? A portfolio number? Reservation number? Cancellation number? Anything I could file with my employer for reimbursement as part of a business trip? Answer the same: No, we will not provide any documentation; we will just bill you.

If anybody is aware of a class action suit against this or a consumer protection law that prevents this, please let me know.

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