Pining for Towns Square Debate Outcomes

I don’t have time to check every reference of everyone screaming a claim. I spot check a few, and if they’re cheesy or tangential to the claim or the claim is non sequitur after the reference, I just mark the author as an opinionated person. Not right or wrong, just opinionated.

I do wish our culture had more robust town-square discussions like we used to. I don’t mind people saying what they do. Someone else who cares might tune up the message and build a nugget of truth to an actionable truth.

Back in the town square debate days, the product was the work of both sides and seen to be higher quality. Now, we’ve degenerated into polarized camps and the camps shop for what tool to use to destroy the other side. We shop now not for better content of our arguments, but better weapons or tools to force our arguments.

IMHO, that’s all coronavirus has become, too. It’s a virus, people get sick. Got it. Been that way for centuries. Nobody is addressing why this time it’s different. Even considering people that die, why does this method of death cause so much government intervention?  People die many other ways, too.  Why is this virus different?

Because there are no answers, I’m deciding it’s different not because of the events, but because of what people don’t talk about: the backdrop of polarized camps and no town discussions.  Covid-19 has become simply a possible tool (“oh, maybe, we really hope”) way to destroy a president and take back the power white house.  That’s sad.

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