Jason Aton should not bash True Believers

I recently came across Aton’s critique of Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, claiming Zuckerberg fails because he’s a true believer.  Not that he fails as a true believer, but that he fails because he’s a true believer.  Now hang on for a second.

I don’t use Facebook that much.  I don’t particularly like the way it has invaded our lives and sells our data.  Using data about us for profit should pay back dividends to us.  Well, maybe it does in the form of huge connectivity and capability we never had before.  If you don’t like it, don’t use it.  And so on.  So I’m conflicted about the value of all this new technology.

I am not conflicted about the advantage of visionaries and true believers.  Even ones you disagree with.  In the realm of computer company dynasties, Aton is a fool to critique “True Believing.”  Any one with an ounce of history and humility would drop this claim in an instant after being reminded with only two words:  Steve Jobs.

Nobody debates that he was visionary. Nobody debates that he truly believed.  He recruited partners that subsequently excised him from his vision for business reasons.  In this time he had mediocre success because he was isolated from his first belief.  Then, he received an invite to put his True Belief back at the helm of Apple.

Jason Aton, look at your iPhone and stop critiquing True Belief.  Disagree with the content of their belief. Don’t claim that their commitment is bad.  Literally billions of people disagree with you when they buy the products of Steve Job’s visions.

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