Maybe Trump is Causing Certainty, not Chaos

Ben Casselman wrote, “Why is Trump Causing Chaos In Washington But Not In The Stock Market?”  This exhibits offensive bias, showing no ability to understand that another view even exists.

At least ~consider~ your accusation/assumption that Trump is causing chaos.  1) It may not be Trump, and 2) it may not be chaos.

Maybe Trump is not creating chaos, but rather those frothing at the mouth to catch Trump in some crime, the news media, and court shopping opponents are.

Secondly, you wrote “Investors’ apparent indifference to the tumultuous start to Trump’s presidency has left some experts shaking their head. After all, we are constantly told that the markets hate uncertainty.”

Ben, the only confused “experts” are those who think uncertainty is happening. It is not. Can you not see? It is becoming MORE certain that 1) Trump unabashedly wants to make America better –most obviously that means economic– even in the face of great personal abuse of himself and family, and 2) the news media and others is certain to do any crazy thing to try to take him down, and are coming off their rails with obsession to do so.

We are all getting used to this rhythm.  It is certain!  Investors’ behavior would appear more organized to you if you considered their view of the world instead of assuming yours.


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