Trump Wins by not Attending Debate

Fox News and Megyn Kelly will wake up in about a week and realize how Donald Trump has used them again. If he can repeat this behavior on an international stage, he is uniquely capable of leading America.

Ask yourself this question: “What advantage is there for Trump to attend the last Republican debate?”  Answer:  NONE.  More importantly, he realized that before you, before me, and certainly before the cacophony of news outlets.

Think about it.  With him off the stage, who can credibly attack him?  He’s obviously not there to defend himself so every shot will seem cheap.  They’ll continue to chop at each other.  He would not come up with anything so great to move his poll numbers from 41% to 50%.  All he could do is maybe screw up or maybe someone else will get in a “good punch.”  Why risk it?

Once he decided he didn’t want to attend, he can’t just say, “I’m not attending because I don’t want to be exposed.  There is no upside risk and only downside risk.”  He needed a different story.

So he created a different story with the unknowing cooperation of a news outlet that thinks they’re getting the better of him.  Better yet, he let them create the story.  Let them think it’s their idea.  Fox spouts all the words about “journalistic integrity”, bla bla.  Certainly.  Okay.  ISIS has their moral compass, too.  It doesn’t matter that you’re morals or convictions are right or wrong.  Trump appears to be too good seeing how you’ll respond and uses it to his advantage.  There is a reason he’s accumulated billions in one generation and I’m starting to understand what it is.  I would really like to see him work against Hillary Clinton, and then see how he can work against ISIS.

Right now the news media and political opponents are lost in the dust, calling him afraid of Megyn, or saying he can’t handle tough questions.  Fox News released a statement taunting him about not handling Ayatollah and Putin if he can’t handle Megyn.  They just don’t get it.

Time me.  Let’s see how many days it is before someone finally says, “Aha!  He never wanted to attend anyhow and he just used Megyn Kelly against their will.”  They don’t even know what he’s doing.  Nobody else on the news wires seems to get it yet either.

Someone noted that Ronald Reagan also declined to attend a debate – to his advantage.  The idea is growing, but they don’t yet understand, and certainly have not recognized that Fox News and Megyn Kelly are patsies.

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