Trump Doesn’t Pay His Bills ?

The title says, “USA TODAY exclusive: Hundreds allege Donald Trump doesn’t pay his bills“. 

I could already guess that leading organizations large and diverse across the globe have dozens of lawsuits alleging this and that. In Trump’s case, the accuser looses most, and they settle some. Some are lost by Trump’s side – although often the case is really against a sub-contractor hired by a contractor hired by an organization owned by Trump (a distinction that is blurred by the author). The author writes, “To be sure, Trump and his companies have prevailed in many legal disputes… however, the consistent circumstances laid out in those lawsuits and other non-payment claims raise questions about Trump’s judgment as a businessman, and as a potential commander in chief.”

Using the non-sequitur logic of this article, do you know how unqualified Barak Obama is? I have personally suffered huge losses and filed IG (Inspector General) complaints numerous times to get Obama’s “subcontractors” to perform or pay. And IG complaints work only when the accusation is about breaking the law. I’ve won some. I’ve lost some. Just like Trump. In most cases, the government won’t even let you even file a case against it. I’ve been in the military and worked for the government as a civilian for many years and if you want to talk about late or reduced payments, the situation of the government is laughable, disgusting, and destructive all at the same time compared to Trump’s empire.

Or how about being over-paid, having to pay IRS taxes on it, and then next year they come back and say, “Oops. We paid you too much. We’re taking it back.” However, you can’t get back the taxes unless the error was more than $3000. I kid you not.  If you want to read how hundreds of people allege financial abuse when they are owed money, read about DFAS as reported by RAND,  Reuters, and  NPR.

The connects and insinuations in the article are so vague as to be offensive. Yes, you found a few examples that fit your narrative – out of thousands.  So would you say that 99.7% were not litigious relationships?  Clearly somebody at USA TODAY was paid to do all the research, and coming up with almost nothing, they still needed to publish an article to make the research worthwhile. Anybody can file a lawsuit against anybody for anything. *Filing* a case means nothing. Let alone, nowhere is a comparison made to normalize the data against reality of other companies. In another article USA TODAY attempted to do so  and then reported Trump’s statistics: 500 times judge dismissed claims. 451 times the Trump side won. 38 he lost. A majority of cases appear to be frivolous. I’d be happy if our nation could run with such success.

For heaven’s sake – get a dose of reality. If you’re running a company, you’re going to get sued. It’s the way America works these days. Get over it. Here’s trashy USA TODAY reporting by the numbers:

  • 60 lawsuits reviewed by USAA. Well big deal. You reviewed them. That means nothing. Instead, list the statistics of what you found.
  • 45 worker overtime violations since 2005. Okay that’s 11 YEARS. And you found 45 ?! That is 4 cases per year across HUNDREDS of companies. Your own reporting says that back wages were paid in all cases. You found nothing.
  • More than 200 liens (I assume also over a dozen years or more) filed. Anybody can file a lien. And often the filer lost the complaint when work was shoddy or poor. Have you ever had a contractor do that? Do you WANT a leader who pays for slop? Isn’t that a perennial joke against the government? Maybe it’s time to have a different type of person lead the government.
  • Not once in the article is a case described against Trump himself.

Bottom line: 1) Your story means nothing until you can say Trump’s companies are worse than other companies or the government he strives to lead. 2) Your title and premise is a lie; this is nothing about Trump, only general- or sub-contractors who have worked for him.

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