Obamacare is Crashing –or– Let’s Pay More Taxes

Next year, Obamacare is crashing. Pelosi’s famous statement, “We have to get this law passed so we can see what’s in it” was prescient. We’re finding out what’s in it. Remember, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton supports this statutory mess and wants more of it.

Hugely Expensive

Average premiums will rise 22-25% next year for the 39 states served by Federal on-line markets. Twenty-five percent?! That is huge. Can you name anything else that is increasing at that rate? And that’s on the tail of previous significant increases like 7.2% last year. Right.. go out and quote to me that millions of inner city urban dwellers now have insurance. Right.. of all the people you want to give government money to, who can afford a 25% hit to their sparse budget? And they *are* poor or else why is the government funneling subsidies or welfare to them?

The poor can’t pay for this. And proponents point out that they won’t. There will be m o r e government subsidies to the poor and taxes – I get it. If a liberal social or cultural plan doesn’t work, the only logical conclusion is the liberal mind is that it wasn’t done enough and we need to do more. Uggh…

No Choice

Obamacare was suppose to give choice. In reality, so many exchange insurers are quitting (83 more quit for next year!) that the insurer choice for about 21% of the markets (1 out of 5) is down to one – at least Alaska, Alabama, Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Wyoming. One insurer. That is not choice. Even the insurers that stay are squeezing their doctors so hard that the doctors are jumping ship and leaving the network. What happened to free market America? If nothing else, brace yourself for the chaos of being driven back and forth each year like a reed in the wind as you have to compare and choose plans all over again. The liberal agenda is that you get to have what others decide you can have.

No Insurance

Lastly, the entire premise of insurance is a lie. Insurance *used* to be (by definition) for unexpected costs. That’s changed. Now it’s for all costs – aka socialized medicine. But let’s overlook that corporate misrepresentation for a moment. Let me make it personal. The deductible for many Obamacare plans next year is rising to $14,000 a year. Do you see what that means? Next time you hear some politician quote how many people “have insurance” or “are covered”, know in your head that the people they talk about have NO reimbursements the first $14,000 – and for most people, that’s ALL the costs not covered.

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