Google vs. Government

…from Marcus Asner, former cybersecurity prosecutor… as reported on pg B2 of the Friday, June 3, Wall Street Journal:

It used to be we’d send the FBI agents to find the 16-year old boy in a basement responsible, but now you have national security and State Departmen issues. Now you’re pitting countries against corporations.

Google is large enough to reasonably accuse China.  There is an additional personal interest because my first web page came on line just about a year prior to Google’s, and it’s fun to see how far they’ve gone. China diplomats and government officials respond to Googles assertions as they would have responded to the US Government in prior decades.  The game has changed.  Economics, political power, international influence.

In 2005, Uzbekistan threw out the U.S. Government and pretty much all NGOs (Non-Government Organization) such as the Red Cross. I wonder if they threw out Google?

Have you noticed that the “War on Terror” is not a war on any geographically definable nation?  It’s more like war on a way of doing things.  Nations don’t go to war these days.  It seems everybody is at war with “radical Islam”.  Well, that’s not a nation.  You can’t bomb it. You can’t sanction it. You can’t blockade it.  I predict future wars will not occur between physically isolated sovereign nations.  Instead, a transnational organization such as Google, will engage and we will not call it war.  The United States has “National Interests” they will work to preserve with Economic, Political, Diplomatic, and Military power.  Google has “Business Interests” they will work to preserve with Economic, Political, and Diplomatic power.  It gets even more interesting when a corporation such as Google has idealogical commitments to moral issuesGoogle in the Garden of Good and Evil.

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