Democrat and Republican Ideology

The Republic president candidates debates, happening soon after each other, have bundled together some thoughts. Maybe I finally understand the foundational difference between Democrats and Republicans.

I think Democrats want to fix problems for people now, knowing that once they’re fixed, the future will add up to something better. On the other hand, Republicans would choose to endure hardship today in order to obtain a better foundation for building tomorrow. Both want something better tomorrow.

Democrats build a big good out of lots of littles; Republicans hold onto the big goods, trusting that the littles will work out.

This is why Democrats want to spend $100 now that we don’t have, trusting that it will come back into the coffers somehow in the next 10 years. History says this often doesn’t happen. For the Republicans (at least Ron Paul who went to the edge yesterday), when someone exercises liberty to choose no health insurance and then gets chronically ill, they say “that’s a risk they accepted” and hope something will happen to help the person. History shows this often doesn’t happen.

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