Tea Party is the First Meta-Political Party

Creativity happens when a person is saturated in a topic, and then relaxes doing something else.  I spent last night listening to all the election hype on the news.  Then this morning I dabbled in bringing up a Drupal Content Management System, thinking about meta-objects when configuring a new website blog.  And then I wandered off to shower and start the day.  Poof! The idea arrived.

The Tea Party party claim is that they do not advocate any specific political party.  They claim they are not a political party.  And I realized they were serious that they didn’t care what party you belong to so long as you agree on certain isolatable issues such as more government is not the answer.

If the Tea Party tunes their identity, and learns how to lay ~over~ other parties, they will succeed in becoming the first META-party.  I first learned of meta-topics when I read the book Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.  A meta-topic is a topic that lays over a similar topics.  In the music of Bach, he often wrote fugues where a rhythm or pattern is applied over the rhythm or pattern.  That’s meta-music.

Applied to the topic of today (Election Day 2010), the Tea Party may become the first party above parties.  In other words, both the Democrats and Republicans can do their job and do it toward their goals with a smaller footprint and lighter touch.

Now I admit, some things don’t fit within others well.  For example, in the group of “plants” you’re not likely to find any “square corners.” Some things don’t fit together.  So I’m not sure how many Democrat will ever identify as being for less government.  However, what I realized is there is no reason this has to be true. Government is how things are done, but even a hard core Democrat might agree that they are more concerned with what is done.

This proposal plays well into the modern world of custom cars, a bazillion variations of the iPod Nano, etc.  We all have cars, we all have mp3 players.  Having one, or not, is no longer the issue.  Even the IRS, collecting you for past-due debts will leave you with one car.  It’s assumed that this is a way of life.  The special difference is which type of car or which type/color of mp3 player you have.  In the realm of Content Management Systems, I don’t thing the exact underlying engine is important.  Instead, how you theme and color and configure your CMS creates your identity.

In a similar way, maybe we can have Democrats and Republicans, but in different colors.  You can be a Tea Party type or a non-Tea Party Democrat or Republican.  It’s a concept that might stick with the people of the nation.

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