DoD CAC-enabled Secure Thin Operating System

If you work with the DoD, you probably have a Common Access Card (CAC) to securely access websites. Next time you log on with your CAC to the Air Force Portal, look at the logon screen fine print for a new link to Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) option.

When Katrina hit, humanitarian workers found a need for a computer operating system and environment that was independent and stable and could boot on any hardware computer they came across. Bootable Linux CDs became popular.

Following this theme, the DoD has released a Linux-based CDROM bootable environment you can boot on any ’86 platform – Macs or Window-ish hardware. It will bring up an identical environment you are used to every time it boots. This operating system “thin client” provides a temporary, secure, virus free environment that leaves no trace on the host computer after it’s shut down.  Any virus or Trojan that attacks you – poof! it’s gone when you shut down the operating system.

Even better, a program that comes inside the CD image allows you to transfer the LPS package to a USB drive, so you can carry your entire internet browsing operating system on a USB stick.  The deluxe edition has a larger footprint to include Open Office which reads/writes most Microsoft Office files.

 See more details at the DoD Lightweight Portable Security website:

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