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Advantage of Inflation Is Monetary Manipulation

I’ve been wandering the web, finding resources about macro economics. I have always thought inflation is bad. After all, who wants prices to rise? So I looked on Wikipedia. What I found confirmed developing discontent.

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Jobs Bill Alternate Wisdom

Let’s do the numbers.  Obama’s job bill costs $475,000,000,000.00 dollars.  The plan claims to create (or save) 2.5M jobs. First off, notice the “or save” part of the claim.  That’s the same rhetoric used with the first stimulus, however the … Continue reading

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Localization is Better than Globalization – Part 2

I previously wrote Part 1, which questions assumptions that everything is better when globalized. California is now taxing internet companies that have no physical presence in-state, and use no state services.  Their stated intent (a.k.a. spin) is that in order … Continue reading

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Congress Can Redefine Reality

Murphy v. IRS. In August 2006, the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia ruled the IRS is not part of the United States.  “Insofar Congress has waived sovereign immunity with respect to suits for tax refunds under 28 … Continue reading

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Holding Pattern

I had the water pressure regulator fixed yesterday. Well, actually, my wife did. Looks like it will cost about $160 in plumber fees. That’s roughly $320 of earned income. Someone told me that moving to California would provide an opportunity … Continue reading

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