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Inconsistent Health Care Socialism

An article in the Money section of US Today titled “Cosmetic surgery gets cheaper, faster, scarier” seems relevant to drive home a few points. Basically, cosmetic surgery can go bad. When it does, the medical bills rise quickly, and most … Continue reading

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Paying for Uninsured Health Care Costs

Here is the answer Ron Paul should have given 2 nights ago at the Republican debate, when asked about the hypothetical well-to-do 30-year old person who chooses to be uninsured, and then develops a chronic illness and needs care.

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ObamaCare in Federal Court: Analysis of Arguments

ObamaCare is in Federal Appeal Court. The arguments for and against the mandatory participation are being crystallized. The critical issue is that people who would choose to not purchase insurance will be penalized by having to pay hundreds of dollars … Continue reading

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Discriminate Against Equality

Boeing wants to move manufacturing from Washington state to South Carolina because, among other things, South Carolina does not require employees to be part of a union. The Federal government is suing them so they cannot move because Boeing was … Continue reading

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