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Tax Fairness Fuzziness

I read about national tax arguments. Everybody throws around the idea that their tax plan is “fair”, but that really means nothing without defining what “fair” means.  In this post, I’ll outline and discard 2 definitions, and then propose what … Continue reading

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Advantage of Inflation Is Monetary Manipulation

I’ve been wandering the web, finding resources about macro economics. I have always thought inflation is bad. After all, who wants prices to rise? So I looked on Wikipedia. What I found confirmed developing discontent.

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Penny Auctions on Craigslist

About a week ago, a number of iMac desktops appeared on Craigslist.com, ranging in price from $270-$320 (that’s about 20% of retail).  I would like to own one at that price, so I sent off about 5 emails to advertisers … Continue reading

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How To Win Internet Penny Auctions

A useful way of bidding in these auctions it to think of the auction price as number of bids rather than price. For example, a price of $20.49 represents 2,049 bids.

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Open Letter to Fay Vincent – Soak the Needy

Fay Vincent: You wrote in the September 16th edition of WSJ an editorial titled “Soak the Rich? No, Soak the Needy“.  You describe how Obama’s proposal to remove charitable deductions will motivate the rich to not make donations.  The rich … Continue reading

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