AOC, Croissants, and Minimum Wage

A few days ago, AOC tweeted “Croissants at LaGuardia are going for SEVEN DOLLARS A PIECE. Yet some people think getting a whole hour of personal, dedicated human labor for $15 is too expensive??”

First one point of clarification –  You conflate human value with market value. You’re disingenuous to incite people about human value, while advocating market value mandated by the government.  If you do want to talk about human value, and you think $15/hr is good, that would make it about $3,723,000 for the life of a human that is aborted. How about if you pay expectant mothers that amount in order to not abort a child?  No, you support destroying life in this way, so I know you’re not talking about human value when we talk about wages. So, to be clear, your avocation is for government intervention, not higher value of humans.

Your own observations prove this point. Do you know why the croissants costs $7? Maybe this fact is an eye opener for you: croissants don’t cost that much. Instead, your quote includes the labor costs, business insurance costs, liability costs, the taxes on vendors, the real estate occupancy costs, the permits, food loss, etc. Because of these various regulatory and litigation requirements, the cost is so high. Let alone that LaGuardia has it’s own higher minimum wage, sort of pushing up the cost of a croissant, which you want to push up a higher wage.. Hmm.. I see a cycle here.

In essence, what my ears hear you say is, “Because we have such pervasive regulation and cost-increasing rules in place that drive up price, let’s use that standard to drive up costs of something else even higher!” If a little government intervention is good, more must be better.

Yes, some people think a government mandated $15 is too expensive and they also think $7 is too expensive for the same reason. Come out of your east coast enclave some time and see what a croissant really costs. Maybe you’ll start using your energy and insights in a different way.

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