Google Chooses Employee Morals Over Money

Google employees refused to work on military projects, so the company walked away from a $10B military contract. Yet, military power of a nation is the fall-back option that protects the workers to safely work and live, even the ability to freely exercise their opinion. See

The military is the end-game power of a Nation’s DIME arsenal. Hopefully diplomatic, information, and economics can convince other nations to not take advantage of the United States. But America’s military power is the background threat that gives credibility to our Nation’s interests. What if many morality-consious workers refuse to work on military projects, toward the ultimate decay of military capability? When all the other nations are more cyber capable and our military can’t compete, how will the situation change in America?  You want to cripple your own nation’s capability?  Really??

For 150 years of so, it’s been a period of Nation State definition of the world. That is changing. We are entering a period of Merchant Class communities defining the world’s populations.  Google has more power that the United States.

Grass-roots support for the nation’s military is gone. Companies like Google are an echo-chamber of liberalism. Companies no longer direct employees, rather the other way around. Can this attitude defend and support itself, or does it require an environment provided by the very morals it despises? What if the new way degrades the society environment so badly that the employees exuding morals have to start living in what they create?

I’ve been around the world and got to peek at a lot of other societies. I think it was a British Prime Minister who observed that it’s easy to adjudicate the better places – look where people are trying to get out and look to where people are trying to get in. As far as I can tell, lots of people are still trying to get into America, and no American moved out (even those that threatened to if Trump was elected).

Personally, I’ve enjoyed visiting a lot of other nations.  But each time I came home, I found myself appreciating what I already have.  Google employees should figure out some way to support the nation that gives them a home.

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