GDAX Cryptocurrency Downside

After trying multiple times, GDAX would not let me register because it would not accept my address.   The reply from GDAX customer support scares me.  Excerpted below.

We use a third party service to offer the quiz, and there are several reasons why it may not succeed.

1 – If you have recently changed your address or made other changes in your identifying information, it may not be recognized.  In these cases, you may be able to verify your ID by using your previous address or information.

2 – The address you entered may be right, but the quiz still says it’s invalid. If this happens you may need to try different variations on your address.

3 – All information must appear exactly as it does on your legal documents. You’ll want to be sure you’re using your full legal name, and not a nickname, for example.

4 – There may just not be enough information on record to sufficiently verify your identity at this time. This usually affects our younger customers more often.

Wow.  Let me get this right.  I think I heard, “You do not know your address.  Our contractor does.  And you’re not getting it right.  Go away unless you can guess what we know about you.”

Wow.  Truth is I intentionally keep a low profile and try to keep my name out of public access data bases.  Looks like I’m a little bit too successful.

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