Getting Mugged is Your Fault – No Right to Favor Americans

A Georgetown University student wrote an article in the school paper defending the teenagers who mugged him at gunpoint. This guy represents many others also growing up who will later represent our nation in Foreign Service. We’ve reached a point where our international policy is to apologize to everyone.

Is this a surprise? Is this a one-off crazy guy? I don’t think so. This week Obama initiated a speech (not tricked by some sneaky interviewer looking for a juicy sound bite) advocating endless immigration, where he defends that “Americans have no right to favor Americans.”

Hear the echoes matching what the Georgetown student wrote? The student wrote essentially that white people (in his local) are known to have more, so they deserve to be selectively identified and mugged.  Incidentally, that has got to be the most racist comment I’ve ever heard.  Obama says that because Americans have more, they’re guilty and morally owe it to others. That’s some sort of perverse reverse nationalism, supporting my theories about what defines fair.

This is the same perversion that makes us embrace violent terrorism in order to first understand them more because maybe it’s our fault that they’re killing random people.  If who I am makes you want to be violent or take from me, that seems very similar to KKK mob behavior in the first half of the 20th century.

This week Obama, during a speech, in an attempt to appease hecklers who want more favor toward illegal immigrants, addressed their concerns during the speech.

He explained to the pro-immigration hecklers, “What you’re not paying attention to is the fact that I just took an action to change the law…” Does he understand NOTHING about our nation’s division of powers? You’re the PRESIDENT?! You’re PROUD of constitutional violations? I am reminded of George Washington when he surprised most international observers and stood down his army after the Revolutionary War. GW understood that he would not ~make~ law. We now have a president very different than George Washington.

As the LEADER of America, how can he feel proud to say this? Do you have ~any~ doubt why our nation is struggling? This makes my stomach hurt. Does he have ANY clue about what a Nation State is? He appears to come from under a rock cave-man style and denigrates centuries of well-though-out international relations theory and political science. If nothing else, he is a huge hypocrite operating the largest national military on the globe. This makes my stomach hurt.

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