John Boehner Typo is not a Typo – Obama Arrogance

Front page Wall Street Journal and media outlets all over the web reported “Barack Obama Makes Fun of John Boehner’s Typo During Twitter Town Hall”. Instead, Obama’s arrogance shows through.

I immediately recognized the “typo” as a character mapping problem endemic to cut-n-paste operations through web page scripts that have a back-end database (like twitter, or any blog, or wiki). This problem probably had nothing to do with John Boehner. It probably occurred when some Twitter employee behind the scenes cut and past the tweet from a web page onto the video screen display behind Obama on the stage.

Read through some of the older postings in THIS blog, and you’ll see where I transported the database from my own server to a remove server several years ago. All my quotes were turned into the identical same unicode characters Boehner was accused of mistyping. Here’s a quote from one of my old posts: “What’s going on in our profession of Test & Evaluation engineering”.  Does this look similar to Boehner’s alleged “typo” ?

Why did I jump on this issue? I think it again reveals two of Obama’s biggest archilles heel issues: pride and arrogance. He saw the typographical mistake and could not conceive of any generous or merciful interpretation. Everybody else is always wrong. He is always right. Can’t you see this in his public policies? I think he really wants to help everybody, but he can’t do this while blinded with pride.

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