Verizon DSL Hacks your Network

I have problems with the maze of Verizon service departments, and push-button phone menus, so my trust in their DSL service will take a long time to develop.  When I brought up their hardware for the first time in my house, I logged all the Ethernet traffic to see what they were up to.  Turns out they hacked through my firewall router and took over my inside LAN network.

This problem goes much deeper into the choice of how Verizon deals with customers — or maybe it’s how any company does internet.  I hear horror stories from friends with more expensive cable service, too.

Maybe I wouldn’t even have looked at this issue closely, except I’ve already been put on guard with Verizon.  I spent  more than 35 hours of logged telephone time over the course of 2 months trying to:

  1. work around their claim that they didn’t provide service in the area,
  2. fix two “forgotten orders”,
  3. correct bogus service confirmations,
  4. accommodate four (4!) scheduled attempts to install the service.

Oh.. did I tell you they require you to take a day off work to be on-site when they install wires?  Your lost wages may cost more than several years of internet service!

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