Car Insurance – “Storage Coverage” is not

About 6 months ago, I put a vehicle into storage with my insurance company because I don’t drive it during the winter. With only comprehensive coverage in case a tree falls on it or a roof caves in, the cost went way down.

A month ago, I had a car go non-operational and it looked like a long fix. I put the car into storage coverage while it was not driven. A few days ago, I received the new declaration page of my policy and strangely, it still had medical coverage and liability coverage. What gives?

I called the company and started asking questions. Well, it turns out that “storage coverage” doesn’t mean “storage” any more. It means “lowered to state minimums”.

I pointed out that insurance is to cover against risk. If my car is not being drive, how can it cause any medical damage or liability? It is an inanimate object just sitting there. I asked what risk I am paying for.

The best answer they could come up with is “risk against the state sending you a notice of a fine”. Eeee gads. Even car insurance is going socialized. I don’t WANT to buy that coverage. I am your customer! The state has not sent me a fine at any previous time I’ve done this. Additionally, a state has no jurisdiction of the vehicle is not used on public roads. And believe me, a non-op vehicle is not be used on roads. Additionally, exactly how do they know if I do or do not have insurance coverage, anyhow? Are YOU telling them? Why are you sharing my private insurance records with the DMV as a part of day-to-day operations?

There can be no requirement to insure a vehicle that doesn’t even have a requirement to be licensed. This sounds like insurance company BS.

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