Starting a Web Business

Starting an web business with $12 grand.

I don’t believe costs have ever been the problem. If and when a person decides to do something, they can do it. I’m afraid to add it up anymore, but if I add together all the incidental costs of handling the pain or un-expectations of life, I think I could have already funded two startups like this guy did. I didn’t start a startup because nothing has seriously caught my attention, yet. I’m watching a wedding website thing a friend is doing. Fun webbing. Fun traffic numbers. But that’s all window dressing to the core money making activity.

I’ve been impressed with the rise in Google ad dollars from web sites. If I’m really lucky, I’ll make a couple hudred bucks this year. Small potatoes, but it’s truly done on a shoe-string budget. People are on my pages because they went there to find something they need. Not because I marketed them there. Or tricked them. Or sold them. It’s just me being me. Not trying to sell anything. Participating in the web community as I have since I ran an on-line BBS back in 1992. I think my next plan will be to get ads onto my blog and wiki. It’s not done yet because I don’t know how yet. If I can make such “accidental” income, very good. If not, I’ve enjoyed being part of the web since its antiquity back in 1995, and am thankful to all the people that have helped. Two, in particular, deserve pro-bono links: Ham Radio and a friend’s Web Development Company.

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